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Download zelda games that were released for classic consoles starting from NES. Zelda Rom files contain a full backup of the game cartridge or disc, plus You also need a Zelda Emulator to make Your computer work as if it was a video game console.


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The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons ROM

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Oracle of Seasons ROMThe Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons is an action-adventure game released together with the Oracle of ages for the Game Boy Color. Even though this game is intended for the Game Boy Color, you are able to play it with the Game Boy Advance which enhances its color and makes a secret shop available. The game starts out as Link feels he is called by the Triforce and goes to the castle of Hyrule to inspect it. When he nears the Triforce, Link is teleported to a distant land named Holodrum where encounters a group of travelers led by a dancer named Din. In reality, Din is more than a mere dancer.

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Din is the Oracle of Seasons and is responsible for controlling the seasons throughout the land. As they travel, a voice calls out to Din from the clouds and makes himself known as Onox, General of Darkness. A tornado sweeps down from the sky and takes away Din. As a result, the seasons of Holodrum is now out of control and chaos sweeps over the land. Now, it is up to Link to find the Rod of Seasons in order to save Din, the Oracle of Seasons, and save the land of Holodrum.

What is so cool about the Oracle of Seasons is that the change of the seasons plays a big role and when Link obtains the Rod of Seasons and learns how to control it, he is able to change the seasons at will giving him control of the surroundings. For example, you may need to cross a river, but there is no bridge; you can change the season to winter and the river turns to ice allowing you to cross. Most of the Oracle of Season’s gameplays are taken from Link’s awakening, as well as the graphics, but this game includes a couple of new stuff like new items and the ability to upgrade them through side quests. Unlike the Oracle of Ages which focuses on puzzles and was made on the same engine, Oracle of Seasons concentrates a lot more on the action side of Link.